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As I have gotten a little older my makeup routine has changed quite a bit. Even the amount of time it takes for me to do my face has gone down significantly. I love a full glam, but I have learned to embrace my features and my goal is to enhance and not to necessarily change. Ever since KKW Beauty products came out, I was a little skeptical about buying the products, because I like to test before buying. When it comes to beauty influencers, Kim Kardashian has been one for me for quite some time. Her dark hair and big eyes have always been something I've related to which is why she is my go to when it comes to getting makeup inspiration, so I decided to pull the trigger and buy my first KKW product which was the KKW x Mario eyeshadow palette. If I spend money on makeup, I like to spend on eyeshadow palettes haha. This palette was actually perfect for me and it's usually that one palette I gravitate towards or travel with. After that,I was pretty sold with the product and went on to buying her second palette as well as her powder contour palette, and two lipsticks that I wear almost everyday. I love how these products suit that glam look without going overboard. These are products that I literally use everyday. Linked down below are my go to's.

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