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My go to MAC Palettes

I love to travel, but who doesn't? Haha! I am also a pro at over packing and it's something I'm trying to work on especially with my makeup. I used to pack everything and most of the time wouldn't end up using most of it. I also was in the need of having something that suit my color needs but that was easy to access on a daily basis. I have tons and tons of palettes with a different variety of color, but I wanted something that portrayed who I am and that was easy to grab for daily use. Take a look at the shadows and blushes I loooove to use.

The palette on the left is a palette I made myself with MAC shadows and the one on the right is a pre-made palette that you can buy at MAC called semi-sweet times nine. It is an all matte palette and is just PERFECT!!

Shadows from left to right:



Soft Brown

Saddle (all time fave MAC matte)

Brown Script

Brown Down

Honey Lust


Woodwinked (#1 favorite shadow for years)

Blushes from left to right:






Pink Swoon

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