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Halloween 2018

How was everyone’s Halloween? I feel like I saw so many amazing and creative costumes this year! The hubby and I didn’t get a chance to attend any parties or fun events but we went with our God babies to go trick or treating and that was good enough for us since we love those kids so much! We put together a last minute costume that was “so bri” and so cheap haha Luckily I had a couple of items that I have had forever so I didnt really have to pay a thing. Anyone who truly knows me knows my love for Selena and I’m thankful my husband played along with me. “Anything for Selenas” or should I say Anything for Bri!?

Crop top: Forever 21 (I’ve had this for a couple years but it couldn’t have been more than $10)

Zara shorts: found these for $10 at Plato’s Closet! I love when I find Zara pieces at thrift stores, because Zara can be a little pricy at times.

Socks: $4 at Goodwill

White Vans: I think I’ve had these since high school. I knew they’d come in handy again someday haha!

So last week I ended up spending $14 for my costume! (Obviously not counting the things I already had in my closet)


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